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Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Smashing Challenge

Hello there, Horace here with you today to present our next Design Team piece for the fab new challenge blog Musically Challenged. If you haven't checked it out yet then what are you waiting for? The challenges are all based on drawing inspiration from the chosen music video, what a fab idea eh?
This fortnight, the chosen video is Tonight Tonightby the Smashing Pumpkins. I thought the best way to gain some inspiration was to dress the part...

Along with my outfit, the best inspiration of all was getting to play with these deliciously smashing stamps from the Octopode Factory.

After watching the video several times (I love the Smashing Pumpkins) I made a start on my page, using the Gelli plate.

Phew, it got a little hot in the bears bed-craft-room, so I adjourned to the garden with a large mug of Pooh bear's tea for refreshment!

I dolloped some paint onto the Gelli plate in my own inimitable style - sit and squidge - it works much better than using my paws, and has the added bonus of leaving no painty paws!

After I'd brayered the paint over the plate, I pressed down this mat to add some texture and interest to the print. To me, the Smashing Pumpkins's video seemed to be full of layers, and very textural, and I really wanted to recreate the feel of that on my page.

I removed the mat, and burnished the print, again in a slightly alternative way!

Suddenly I came over all chilly, despite my padded outfit, so I moved back to the bedroom, these are the prints with three separate lots of Gelli printing on them, and a golden star stamp, spot the slight mistake where I had one page upside down whilst stamping the stars! Ah well, it all adds interest!

For my next exbeariment I wanted to play with our Glass bead gel, to add even more texture to the pages. I needed some colour to it though.

I mixed the above two together

Then with the aid of this fab little stencil that came with the June Papermaze kit, I scraped the coloured gel through said mask, using only the stars.

Oh my, can you see the texture almost jumping off the page? It made the most satisfying scraping noise as I applied it too!

I let the textured gel dry overnight, to allow for a good set.

I was invited to visit our cub, and took my pages with me to finish off, she colours in so much more neatly than me, that I pawsuaded her to colour my images. What a great job she made of them too.

I also pawsuaded her to cut a title for me, as she has a fab silhouette cutting machine thingy. Along with a few presses of background stamps into my premade page, I managed to finish the whole project off while at the cub's house.

The title is 'Believe you can, and you will' . The video seemed very fantasy- like, inviting its audience to believe in all its dreamlike sequences,and I wanted to represent that in my project, what better than to make a quote that's all about belief.
I hope you liked my project, it was fun to make.


  1. How cool is that !!! :-D LUV your pages and I have just been over to look at the Challenge :-) Very strange video but full of good pictures in my head now :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wonderful work Horace and amazing images to chose for the challenge. I just loved the video so thank you for the link via Musically Challenge.

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. What a fabulous outfit... and brilliant pages for the theme... fantastic!
    Alison x

  4. I love starry night backgrounds - fantastic colour and texture!


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