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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Winner Alert....

Well hello there dear friends, so we come to the date of our blog candy giveaway draw. Thank you to everyone who left us a bear fact on our post. We loved reading them all and are in awe of all your creativity when writing said comments. Some of them really made us split our fur with laughter.
What? You want to know who won? Well okay. I'll write up all the names, oh, excuse my lack of apparel, it's far too hot for clothing today.

I'll add the names of all our commentators to my pumpkin slipper

Ruffle them up, and draw one out. And the winner is... Oh. It's still folded up, hang on...

And the winner is... Oops it's upside down, hold on.....

And the winner is... Oops I dropped the paper, hang on a min...

And the winner is, oh, I can't see, I don't have my glasses on......

Can you see?

Email us so we can arrange to send your prize AJ, and well done on your win.
With love from the bears


  1. awww bummer...congrats AJ!

  2. Hahaha !! That's what I thought KC LoL Seriously though - CONGRATS AJ :-) xxxxxxxx

  3. Well done AJ I am sure it will brighten you day.

    Love Chrissie x

  4. Oh I'm so excited! There's so much candy in the package. I shall have HUGE fun making something nice with it. I'll send you my address in a DM.

  5. Yay - congratulations Morning AJ... talk about building the suspense!!
    Alison x

  6. Congrats, Morning AJ!
    And my, this was thrilling! I need to have some rest now.

    Claudia x

  7. Congrats Morning AJ! Thrilling and umm, good thing bears don't have privates. oops did I say that....tehe


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