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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Bearbecue Sunday

Hullo there, goodness wasn't it sunny today? How lovely, another chance for a bearbecue at The House of Bears. I rummaged through the fridge for some scrummy edibles

Lit the bearbecue

Poured on a little oil to prevent sticking food.

And began to bearbecue.

I invited Horace to join me. He was enjoying the sun while I cooked

This was very hot work

I needed a cool drink to keep my energy levels up.

While Horace had a pre- lunch ice cream

After a shwift drink, hic, I shtopped for a liddle chat with Horish, Howish, Hosj... My mate

After a shmall ship of (hic) shyderrrr.... I corried on coaking!

Itsh besht to wear glovesh to prevent pawsh from (hic) burning on the barcubeee.

Horish enjoyed hish dinner

After, he made me a nishe cool latte, he shaid I needed to shober up. Nonshensh.


With love from the bears


  1. Oh Podgy! Your food looks good. xx

  2. Bwaahahahaha !!! Fabulous BearBQ and the food looked yummy. I love the 'pin up' picture of Horace :-D
    I haven't had one of those ice lollies with the coloured pimples on it for years and years :-D !!!! It is seriously hot here now - prob 40 or 41 today !!!

    So nice to see you are getting some sunshine, but I guess you may have a bit of a headache this morning ??!!!! :-(

    Mega Hugz

    IKE xxxx

  3. Lucky Horace he looks very relaxed in his shades.

    Love Chrissie x

  4. Wow - what a professional attire for an informal occasion - hope you didn't get too sunbearnt! Yummy looking food - and nice to see the gang just chillin! x

  5. Loved this post!!! I laughed out loud!

  6. And a wonderful time was had by all... including us readers! Fabulous post!
    Alison x

  7. Hahaha - great fun bears! Thank you for sharing your bearbecue with us all! Cheers!


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