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Friday, 28 September 2012

Cedric Earns His Keep

Hello there, Cedric here, the other bears said they thought I was a little lazy, as I've been enjoying relaxing on their sofa whilst watching the widescreen TV. They suggested that as I was only a squatter here I needed to earn my keep.

Apparently the bedroom needed a makeover, so I borrowed some work overalls and started on the coving.

It was hard work climbing up and down the ladder, it's not our real ladder - it's our step ladder!!!

Gluing the coving made my poor paws ache. I had to stay like this for ages to ensure a good 'stick'.

Next, the bears said the walls really needed brightening up. Wilbear had decorated in brown to complement the bears' fur when they moved into the House of Bears, but it was too dark a colour for a north facing room. They chose a soft creamy colour paint instead, showed me where the roller was, and left me to get on with it.

Not content with those two strenuous jobs, Horace suggested the old light switch needed to be replaced.

Goodness, I'll have muscles like Superted soon.

To finish the room off, I had to drill holes for shelf brackets.

The bears didn't posses a spirit level...but being an innovative bear I found my own way to check that the shelves were straight - lie on the shelves, if you don't roll off, it's straight. See, it works!

As for the finished result - the desk area

The bears relaxing in their newly brightened room

And another rather cute shot of us

Our entertainment area.

I think I've earned my keep now. I wonder if the bears will consider letting me stay permanently, I am a rather handy bear to have around, after all.
With love from the bears.


  1. I think you did remarkably well there Cedric. You can give the humans a run for their money!

  2. You did extremely well, Cedric!

    Wow, look at that lovely room now and your muscles!

    Greetings from Vienna to all the bears in the house ,
    die amelie xx

  3. Well, Cedric - no wonder you looked exhausted in your last photo! I think the bears should consider letting you stay - as long as you didn't splotch too much paint around!

  4. Cedric, I am highly impressed with your skills.

  5. Well done Cedric! I hope the others will be appreciative of your efforts - I think you've done an amazing job... the work area looks fantastic!
    Alison x


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