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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Horace's. Holiday update

Hello there, I went out to Chatsworth House today, but it was sooooo crowded that I was in danger of becoming crushed under the footfall of visitors, so, fearing for my furry life, I left soon after arriving. Little bears can be easily crushed in such crowds you know!

I took myself off to Chatsworth farm shop instead, and indulged in a spot of souvenir buying for the bears left at home.

Some Bakewell pudding for Pooh, he does like his puddings.

Shortbread for Wilbear, he's very traditional in his tastes.

And marshmallow kebabs for Podgy, he's quite cub-like in his tastes.

For myself, I chose some gingerbread biscuits. I might share them with Cedric if I bump into him again. Then again, they may all be gone by then.


Horace the holiday bear. Xx


  1. Yum - that's a high tea and a half - just keep an eye on Pooh, and make sure he can still get out of the doorway by the end...
    Alison x


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