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Monday, 17 September 2012

Horace's Holiday Diary, Day 1

Hello there, what a fabtastic day I've had on day 1 of my jollies. I decided to take a trip to Derwent Reservoir and dam, but silly me, I forgot my camera!!!

Still, some good news, I met some fellow travellers; Cedric and Derwent. We started chatting and I found out Cedric and Derwent were wanderers without a home to call their own, so invited them back to the holiday cottage for a chinwag

We got on so well that I invited Cedric to stay for his dinner, which was some good holiday type grub, sausage 'n' mash.

Cedric offered a bottle of wine as a thank you for my hosting him

I offered two choices of veg with the dinner, but Cedric didn't fancy either

So ever the obliging host, I heated up some beans for him

After dinner, we decided to relax on the sofa. This time, after advice from my good friend Lauren on my previous post, I thought I'd better leave my shoes on the floor.

We shared a dessert of Bakewell pudding, while watching The flatscreen TV

We might even crack open the wine later.


With love from the bears.


  1. Hi Horace - sounds like you are having a lovely Autumn break - and great to be meeting new beary friends too ! Looks like a cosy cottage - have a great week there ! Ali x

  2. Wine? You didn't tell me you had wine! I'd have been straight down. Dinner looks fab!

  3. Ooh, that looks a lovely cottage - very good of you to cater to Cedric's finickity eating habits, Horace!
    Alison x


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