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Monday, 3 September 2012

Pogdy Plays Tag

Hello there, Podgy here. I've wrested Horace away from our new toy at last to show you the tag I made for this weeks fab challenge with our lovely dragons.

The theme this week was Art For Arts Sake, and this is what I came up with

The recipe called for a handmade background, interesting character(s) and a quirky twist. I can't say I'm totally convinced by this attempt. I think it's a little dark, or something. Hey ho, it's done now!

I was trying to convey the whimsy character juggling the jellybaby-like images, but the whimsy stamps were so small that they needed to be altered, as you'll see later on in my informative (rambling - says Wilbear) post.

I started with a handmade sprayed background, this was made by Horace at the same time as he sprayed our journal last week.

He dipped the tag in the puddle of Dylusions mists leftover from his journal covers.

I decided to use these Clearly Impressed Whimsy stamps, which are full of interesting characters.

First I inked up a character

and stamped it in our own inimitable way, by sitting on the acrylic block!

Then I cut some interesting images from a leaflet we picked up on our bear travels.

I decided that the whimsey image on its own was not big enough. So stamped and cut the head from our odd clock woman stamp.

I cut the stamped images, and ran them through the sticker maker

NB (note to bears) sticky stuff and fur do not mix!!

Once unstuck, I began to assemble my interesting character, which was a mix of the whimsy stamp and clock headed lady stamp. I decided to add an additional arm, just to add to the quirkiness of the whole thing.

I had the song Art for Art's Sake going round my furry little brain, so decided to add some of the lyrics from it to my tag, using the new fab toy of course. Well I was next in line for a turn!!

With love from the bears.


  1. hahaha! I love that photo with you stuck to the sticky stuff heehee! Well done Podgey, quirky tag x

  2. Love your jellybaby juggler, Podgy - that's certainly an interesting character! Although juggling with 3 arms is surely cheating? And those stamps look great (oh no, another thing to go on the wishlist)...
    Alison x

  3. Just a great idea, fabulous take on this recipe. Thanks for dreaming with us at TIO this fortnight.

  4. Fabulous take on the recipe Podgy... Thank you for dreaming with us at TIO... Hugs May x x

  5. How clever you are Podgy not to get ink all over your lovely white outfit!
    Love the tag you've made with the quirky clock man - wish I had such a clever bear!


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