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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pooh's scrapbook morning

Hello there from the orange furred one, here to show you my scrapbook page, freshly made this morning.

I usually use a sketch as inspiration for my scrapbook pages, and today was no exception. I printed out this sketch for 3 photos from the Internet.

Then I chose the photos I wanted to scrap. I decided to scrap the pictures of when we moved to the bears' bungalow.

I sorted some suitable stash to make my page.

Then took time to play with the placement of my photos, making sure I was completely happy with how the page would look.

I used a punch to make a decorative edge for the page. Our sit on the stamp technique works equally well for punches!!

The punch produced this lovely border effect.

Next, I took apart a Martha Stewart file folder, and drew round it

To make a file folder that co ordinated with my page

Pockets like this can be used for hidden journalling.

Next, I folded the corners of a strip of leftover double sided card

To make an arrow shape

This was used to point in the direction of our new abode, to depict the move from old to new.

Time for a title, oh good, that meant I had another play with the Cricut.

I chose the George and Type Candy alphabets

And stood back to watch the Cricut work its magic.

Before sticking everything down, I made sure I was happy with the placement of my various elements, and took a photo of it, in order to remember where everything went once it was all taken off for sticking purposes.

Here's my finished page, oh, with a rather cute shot of me!

And here it is without your royal cuteness.

I hope you enjoyed watching my page creation.

With love from the bears.


  1. Great work Pooh... clever work with photographing before removing everything for sticking - very good trick!
    Alison x

  2. I love the photo of you holding the lo best. And OMG!!!! I NEED those slippers!


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