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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WOYWW - Bears and a swap challenge

Hello there, yet another week gone by faster than we can blink our furry eyes here at the House of Bears, and yet another Wednesday rolls round for us to stop and peek at the work desks of many over at Julia's fab blog

So, what's on our work desk this week? Well, I am! Wilbear to be pawcise, with a new friend to meet you all

This is Alfred, but we think he's so dinky we may call him Alf for short.

He came wrapped like this, how cute.

Why are we on the work desk? Because we look kinda cute sitting up here, that and the fact that Alf wanted to help me with my latest project, and he's far too small to reach the desk from our swivelly chair.

Along with a few dear friends, we decided to take part in a monthly swap. Each person chooses a project, gathers the supplies for said project, and sends them along to the next person on the list.

My stash came from our friend Linda, and she had gathered a veritable mountain of stash for us to play with.


Embellishments and sentiments, along with card blanks, to enable us to make collage cards.

I started off by inking one of the blank cards in Worn Lipstick distress ink.

And layered up some of the elements Linda had sent onto my inked card.

To produce this.

I've never made collage cards before but I had a sneak peek at Linda's work, and it seems the idea is to build layers from many elements. Being a bit of a neat freak I don't think I embraced the layering technique very well,but my brain just wouldn't allow me to add more.

Next, Alfred had a go, supervised by me, well he only has teeny tiny paws. He decided to try a green themed card.

and got busy with Shabby Shutters distress ink on one of the elements Linda had sent us.

Next he glued the flower layers together, goodness, the glue stick is almost as big as him!

This is the first card he made.

He then cut and inked two hearts from a Sizzix die with one of the printed card pieces Linda had included in the stash.

We made our 4 cards, well, I made one, Alfred kind of took over and I didn't want to upset him by reminding him it was my turn, what with him being new and everything.

This is Alfred's favourite card

Here's the one card I managed to produce

Alf's first attempt

And the final card.

Posing with our cards

We were left with all this stash. So I think we may have failed slightly on the layering effect of collage cards, but we had fun anyway.

Thank you Linda for our first swap goods, I hope we didn't do too bad a job :)

Don't forget, if you like challenges, the bears are hosting their own, just for fun, literary challenges, the latest can be found If you press your paw here . Plenty of time to join in the fun with us.

With love from the bears.


  1. Sounds like a very interesting swap
    Bridget #30

  2. Love that your bears are so helpful :) I have 4 monkeys that like to help but they make a huge mess :D

  3. Linda certainly gave you a lot to play with , you lucky things. The cards you all made are fabulous. Love all the photos of the bears helping.
    I was hoping to paint more of my fish this week but time has got away again, so I hope to have something next week.

    Have a great week.
    Von #58

  4. The bears have been busy! Great idea for a swap with a difference. Love it. Hugs, Buttons #114

  5. This is one interesting swap, I am intrigued. Alfred is so cute, maybe he just got into over ride with being new and all enthusiastic. He did do a good job creating his card, with practice he will be brilliant but don’t let the Master of the Manor get offended. What a delight to have received this furry bundle. I do hope he was comfortable in his travels to his new home, I presume he is staying now.

    Hugs Eliza #20

  6. Great work on the swap scraps, both of you! I have to say, Alf seems to have taken to scrapping like a duck to water... welcome to our addictive world, Alf!
    Alison x

  7. Hello Alf, great to see you crafting already, you'll fit right in with those other crafty bears x

  8. Hi Alf - great to see your f(l)urry of activity - see you have the crafting bug already ! Probably good not to add many more layers or the cards might have been bigger than you ! So good of Willbear to show you the ropes ! Thanks for calling by earlier ! Ali #57

  9. Oh so cute to see the bears at work on your desk.

  10. Hi bears looks like you've been having lots of fun with your swap items. Love what you've made. Happy WOYWW. Anne x #122

  11. Well, you bears have certainly done a great job with that challenge, so you supervising little Alf has definitely paid off. In fact your cards are so beautiful I can’t choose between them so you can both have a gold star.
    Thanks for stopping by this week.
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @# 117

  12. I posted my work desk early, but had to come by today and see what the bears were up to. My goodness that new little fellow, Alf, sure makes a nice card. That swap sounds fun too!!

  13. Lovely cards cuys! I am also a bbit too precise and clean to do collage very well, but thats OK.
    I do other things really well, like blog hopping for instance.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #70

  14. Well done, Alfred! Don't let them tell you otherwise - you did a great job!!!

    die amelie xx


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