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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Horace's Homecoming Surprise

Good evening all, Horace here, I'm home, the problem is, so is my friend Cedric!!! I wasn't able to check my blogger messages until I got home, where I read my friend Butterfly's comment to look behind me. Well there was nothing there! Then I realised she probably meant behind me in the photo.

I checked my bag, nothing there except clothes and souvenirs for the bears, I'd had a short snooze when I first arrived home though, so looked at the aforementioned photo to find a rather suspicious looking leg hanging out of my bag!

I hunted high and low in the bear bungalow, to find this little stowaway, relaxing on the bears' sofa!

I guess we have a new resident, he has offered to help with the craft projects though, to earn his keep. If we can force him away from his fascination at the Widescreen that is!

With love from the bears.

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  1. Hello Cedric, aren't you cute! Looks like you have made yourself at home already :) can't wait to see your first post xx


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