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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Horace's Holiday pics

Hello there lovely followers, I thought, after talking about my lovely holiday so much, I should share a couple of pics from my bearphone camera app.

This is the day I met Derwent, he was sitting enjoying the view at Derwent Dam, how funny that the place was named after him eh? We got chatting,as bears do, and found we had a lot in common, including both being artistic types.

A droolsome pic of my cream tea at Chatsworth farm shop. As you see, I was a little too enthusiastic, and had a little chomp before taking the photo!

This is one of the many lovely views on my drive to Edale today, what stunning scenery there was around there.

And in the heart of Edale I found this wonderful little stream. I do love the sound of running water.

I partook of refreshment at the old Nags Head, after a short walk on the Pennine way ( I put about 10 pawprints on the footpath, so I can officially state that I, Horace, have walked the Pennine Way!)

This is the welcoming fire inside the Nags Head. I meant to take a photo of my delicious dinner, but once again hunger overtook my desire to record the meal for pawsterity, and the meal was gone before I could blink my furry eyes. Rest assured it was a meal fit for a very important bear though.

Tonight I've decided to chill out in front of the widescreen TV provided in my lovely holiday bungalow, must go, The 'Bear'tchley Circle is on. Mystery and intrigue to finish off my pawfect day.


With love from the bears.

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  1. I've really been enjoying your holiday pics Horace... though I think I've probably done the whole holiday backwards as I'm catching up slowly with Craftyblogland. Blimey - you only have to miss a couple of days and everything goes kablooey!!
    Alison x


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