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Saturday, 12 January 2013


Hello there, we forgot to post a pic of our favourite Christmas present. Here's Horace and Cedric, who drew the long straw to open it.

Goodness, a lovely tin in the shape of a book. How lovely.

Everyone wanted a good look at it.

When the tin was opened we were all very pleased with the contents;

Biscuits!!!! Banana and chocolate flavour, and a handy bookmark to keep too.

Horace chose the chocolate biscuits.

and made short work of the poor biscuity bear's head.

Pooh made even shorter work of his banana flavour bear.

Luckily the biscuits came in handy little two packs, so there were no arguments over sharing.

Although the biscuits did seem to disappear extraordinarily quickly, Cedric swears we ate them all.

With love from the bears.


  1. Ooh, and a lovely storage tin left over to play with... Don't know if you saw Samantha of Hettiecraft lining up her DIs in a biscuit tin? And I've just altered an old biscuit tin that's been sitting around for yonks so that I can carry finished tags around in it... so it's not just the delicious biscuits I'd be excited about!!
    Alison x

    1. We have a thing for tins, love them, so this really was a dual present. Great idea about the finished tags, we have nowhere to put ours.


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