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Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Alpha Challenge -C

Well hello there, Horace here with a guest helper, Spider bear, we're colouring our dictionary for the Alpha challenge over at The Craft Barn This week's letter is C, and after perusing our French/English dictionary, we found the word Casino, which, in English means......casino!!!!

After gessoing our pages, We coloured them with green water colour crayon,

and after colouring just a little of the page , we then spread the colour over the pages with a bearby wipe, these are a must have to a bears' craft stash.

We remembered to leave our word highlighted, as per the challenge.

I then added some red water colour crayon around the edges of the pages, and again spread this with the bearby wipe.

To create this simple background.

Next, I stamped a small gambling themed stamp, which had come free with a magazine a while back (we're suckers for magazine freebies).

I cut the chips from the stamped image and placed them randomly over the page

Spider bear had given up helping, and seemed to be having a remote control frenzy on the couch.

I started stamping gambling words across the pages.

But got distracted by this beauty on Spider bear's tv!

Anyway, after slobbering over TV cake, I eventually finished my page.

I think it's quite plain, but as we're trying not to overdo every page at the moment, I'll resist the urge to keep adding to it.

I love this challenge, and can't wait for the next letter. I wonder what it will be?
With love from the bears.


  1. Bit confused at first as I couldn't make "spiderman" start with "C" - LOL Thanks for visiting my. BJ

  2. Great pages well done those bears!

  3. Bearby wipes? hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Fantastic! Thank you for entering again this month over at The Craft Barn x

  4. Well, those are quite the creative bears! You've all chosen a fun word for letter C and created a really fun page with it!

  5. I LOVE it - I have seen the craft barn challenge on a lot of blogs and I am so tempted to do it! It is a gorgeous page - perfect and I LOVE your choice of word. I have only been to a casino once and it was an embarrassing experience. Negative experiences aside it is a great word to decorate - full of fun things to do LOL...Spiderteddy reminds me of my husband - Collecting all the remotes ;o) Hugs from Laura xxxxxxxxxx

  6. It's wonderful! And I think you've been very wise to tone things down. It's just right!

  7. OK, spider bear is a hoot, lol I would have gotten distracted by the chocolte cake too and would have gone to get some chocolate of any sort at that point! Fun page! On to the next letter! Thanks for visiting my blog, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  8. Ooh Horace has been busy again bless him. Fab page and very inventive with your word, great use of a freebie too! Ha ha ha cake is always a good distraction in my house too, yummy.
    Hugs x

  9. You both did a wonderful job, a great page.

  10. Very cool page, Horace - though I have to say, I think "helper" isn't quite the right word for Spiderbear, given his input! Love the colours you've created, and the dictionary text still being mainly on view is lovely... great word choice too!
    Alison x

  11. Great interpretation of the word.

  12. Lovely two new *C*asino page made with your little helpers.
    Thanks for playing with us again at the Craft Barn

  13. Visiting from the Alpha Challenge - fabulous pages made by a super bear - with not so much from the one with the spidey sense, haha ;0) Mo


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