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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Time to Reveal

Hello there, it's the end of the month, which means the end of the bears' just for fun literary challenge. This month we took inspiration from The Time Traveler's wife, by Audrey Niffeneger, a more contemporary book than usual for us, but it's good to have a change and keep us on our paws.
Before we show you our creation, we'd like to say a big furry thank you to AJ at Morning AJ , Ali at TeddyBobCrafts, Alison at Words and Pictures, Cestina at Cestina's Dolls houses and Lauren at Our Holidays their fabulous entries, please do go and have a look at their creations, they're excellent. We're so pleased that you all took the time to join in with our challenge, it's so much more fun when sharing crafts with friends.
Now it's over to Horace, who (once again) drew the long straw to complete the challenge for the bears this month.
Hello there friends, here I am, deskless for my challenge, as it was chilly in the bear bedroom where the desk resides. I dragged some crafty stash into the lounge where it was cosy and comfy up on the sofa, don't tell Wilbear though, he's banned any inks etc from anywhere but the kitchen!

I thought I'd have a play with our water colour crayons, which were a Christmas present from the cub, Florence. I chose a mixture of blue, grey and white, and coloured onto a little of my page, before spreading and blending the colours with a bearby wipe.

I then placed a mask over the page, and spritzed some water through it, to produce a ghosting effect.

I turned the stencil over and pressed the negative down into the page for a contrasting effect. I find the best way to give an even spread is to sit on the mask.

I found some time themed oddments in the bears stash. Wilbear would count as a time themed oddment due to his advanced years, but he didn't fancy being adhered to my page!

I begged and borrowed some of Podgy's special glue

And set to work, being careful to avoid splodging glue onto the sofa.

I wanted a busy page, to match my chosen sentiment, which is a quote from Clare in the book. 'I keep myself busy, time goes faster that way'. I loved this quote as it matches the bears' ethos on life.

A close up of the left hand side, with various time themed words.

A close up of the right hand side, the stamp is one we received for Christmas, and it matched right into this month's theme. I added wings to the time word, to suggest time flying when you are busy.

Come back at the start of February for another challenge from the bears, this time not themed to one particular book, but more of a readers' choice,


  1. Hi Bears, once again a brilliant blog post. I love the idea of scrapping about a book theme as i am an avid book reader. I look forward to finding out more about Februarys challenge. I hope you managed to keep the sofa free from ink and glue.
    Those crayons sound fun and what a great effect they make.
    Gill x

  2. Love journal page. Really wwlk done.
    Also love the step by step of bear techniques.
    Sitting on the stencil is out for me I'm afraid, as I dont want to replace my desk. My bum isnt as cute as the bears. :-(
    Thanks for sharing and for visiting me.

  3. Fab pages and very pretty colours! Your such clever bears! I hope my entry isn't too late! Xx

  4. Great pages, Horace... love the colours and of course the book pages - brilliant for a literary-inspired piece of journalling! And yes, a great quote... where does the time go?!
    Alison x

  5. As usual you've done brilliantly with it. And I wish my backgrounds were half as good as yours!

  6. Love your page Horace but beware! Or be an aware Bear.....do not wish time away. When you get past 70 you just wish time would stop flying and there is nothing you can do to halt it :-(


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