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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

WOYWW - Flowery thoughts

Hellooooo, Wednesday? Again? Goodness, well I guess it's time for WOYWW, if you want to know what on earth WOYWW stands for, pad along to the wonderful Stamping Groundhosted by the lovely Julia.

It's Horace here again, the other bears will find any excuse to stay in the cosy bear bed and keep telling me it's my turn to host WOYWW! So, on with the show I must go.

Here is my starting to craft mess. I had an idea for a journal page, so started by stamping our new Dylusions stamp, which I love. I have various other stamps piled up, as I like to play around with several ideas before making my final choices. Also on the messy desk is a scrumpled piece of kitchen roll, how slovenly of me!

You'll also see on the desk the crafter's essential of bearby wipes, various inks I planned to use on my page, my Dylusions lined up ready for action....

I'm trying to limit my backgrounds to no more than 3 colours, as I was finding that anything I made, I was not happy with, resulting in one page that had taken hours ending up in the bin. This background uses two Dylusions mists.

A little close up of my Dylusions, I swear you'd have thought the bottles contained radioactive matter, I had such a struggle to break into the Mowed Lawn bottle! I didn't use the pink in the end, choosing to stamp pink flowers on the page instead, for a contrast.

To use the Dylusions sprays, I had to move to the kitchen table, as Wilbear has banned any spritzing and spraying in the bedroom - he found a big splotch of vibrant turquoise on the duvet cover, and I have NO idea how that got there!!!!!!!

After spraying then drying my misted page, I added some stencil effects. Spritzing through with water, for a ghosting effect, then using the negative of the stencil on the opposite page and pressing the watery residue down for a different effect.

Once back at the desk, the stamping began... This was from one of the bears' Christmas stamp sets.

I stamped onto lightly patterned paper, then cut out my flutterbyes (as Pooh calls them)

I did the same with a small flower stamp, then stamped our new brick stamp directly onto the page in Pine Needles distress ink, keeping to the green and pink theme.

Mid - craft perusions! So far so good.....

I continued stamping, distressing and sticking, until my page looked like this.

I took a moment to consider, then decided I needed more, so I highlighted the journalling with a dark green Sharpie pen, in keeping with the initial colour scheme. I also added some of the Dylusions stamped eyes to my flowers. Just for a funky finish.

BUT, in the bears new 'I don't like this' style. I decided it was now too much! Argh. Also, the new cheap journal I'd created this in was really bad quality, the paper was very buckled after only 2 Dylusions colours applied onto it, so, I decided to re create the page onto our Pink Pig 8x8 journal. I applied our new 'less is more' mantra to the background this time. I've decided my problem is, I love so many journal pages I see on the Internet, and try to recreate all the ideas on one page!!

Left hand side close up

Right hand side close up. The journalling reflects that it's nice to think good thoughts, as it keeps you feeling positive.

I'm off for a bit of desk hopping now, see you soon. X

With love from the bears.


  1. Good morning.
    Just popping over to say Hi. You have been very busy and I do enjoy seeing how creative you bears are! I hope you have a good and creative week to follow.

  2. Wow the bears have been very creative this week! What a lpvely page. Thank you for sharing (though I thinbk the others are right, it is a duvet day!!) Cindy #70

  3. Love the bright colours on your blog today! Your bears are so cute - I tried to show you my bear makes when you mentioned them on my blog, but couldn't find your contact details. Happy WOYWW! Karen 94 x

  4. Busy bear indeed! I do love green, though so many people seem to avoid it- the old superstition about bad luck, I think. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz xx #73

  5. Wow, Horace, you really were busy today! Looks great! Thanks for your understanding comment on the "forgotten stuff in our shelves" ;)


    die amelie x

  6. So cute creations,,,,I love the way you showcase your work,,,with these cute bears.....Thanks for your comments to The Doll House Collector at Alison Bomber' blog with my adorable doll sheet,,,so feel free to choose your favorite product from all my stuff for free e-mail me to nicecrane@yahoo.com

  7. You've been a very busy bear......loving the spring colours


  8. Loving the journal pages very bright and eye catching it really draws you in. Hello to your little helper also
    Ria #92

  9. Wow - some great experimenting going on down in the woods with the bears,today! Keep up the good work xx

  10. This is why love WOYWW your always leaning something new, I have never heard of Dylusions, they give a great effect. Hugs Pam x

  11. What a busy bear, love the pink and green and how you managed to keep the Dlyusion colours seperate. Thanks for stopping by BJ#27

  12. I love the butterflies! I think the original was pretty good, but if the paper was all wrinkly you'll never be really happy with it. Pink Pig paper is good. I use it for my watercolours and sketches.

  13. Love those colours you have used on the background
    Then what you did to the page was great'
    Jackie 16

  14. A journalling we will go! Lovely pages there, I love Dylusions and yes they are so difficult to get into, I don't know how the bears can get into their crafty supplies and produce such gorgeous work. Clever lttle things x

  15. How much better is your second go at this. Good idea to redo it so you feel happier with it. Well done the bears! Happy WOYWW, hugs Jenny #150

  16. what a busy bear I liked both sorry the pages weren't tough enough that must have been a bit disappointing I love bright colours and wouldn't be able to do such a wonderful creation i wouldn't know where to start !!! but can enjoy other s as such as your love to al the bears Andrea#6

  17. what a clever little bear,such pretty inking and stamping
    janet #30

  18. What beautiful work - I've really enjoyed taking in the colours and effects. I love the girl flower the most! Thanks for popping by:) Lucy #18 x

  19. Hi Bears Glad you are having fun in your various journals ! having a cheap & cheerful one to play in & a posh one for the final project is a great idea ! Those inks soak through everything don't they - and glad it's not just me who thinks you need a machete to get the packaging open !! Love both pages actually !! Take care Ali x#19

  20. Horace you the best Bear in the house and don't you forget it. Love your journal page and thank goodness ink comes off your paws with water other wise you would be a Kaleidoscope Bear LOL

    Hugs furry friend

  21. Horace, how do you keep your fur so clean with all that inking? Tell me your secret! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  22. Awesome page Horace! I love the bright green and all the ink! Thanks for sharing and have a great crafty week! Vickie #35

  23. Thanks for stopping by, Love the photos you have shared. Such pretty colors Happy WOYWW and Enjoy the week

  24. I have serious stamp and ink envy! I love this. The colours are so zingy and I adore the images. Fabulous page Mr Horace Bear.

  25. That’s a fantastic journal page Horace!
    It looks like you had great fun making it but I hope you paws didn’t get too inky.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 111

  26. Horace, you did a fine job--well worth getting out of your cozy bed, yes?

    Please tell those other silly bears hello for me!

    Happy WOYWW!
    :)trisha #164 this week
    and a little late!

  27. My goodness, you've been busy, I bet the bears help you!
    Thanks for my snoop! HapPy very late WoYwW!
    ((Lyn) #83

  28. great job bears..beautiful bright and cheery colours too, I think we're all looking forward tospring in our hearts huh!


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