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Monday, 14 January 2013

Every Inchie Monday

Whew, here I am at last, the bears have been out on a shopping trip, buying a housewarming gift for the cub's new lair. Luckily I still got time to sit down and make my inchie. The challenge blog is here, and you can find a different inspawration word each week, this week's word is Girl. Can you spot my inchie in my paw?

Shall I zoom in closer?

What? Closer still?

There! It's not that distorted in real life, I don't think magazine images photograph very well,and that's where I found the girl image, in Podgy's trash magazine, I do hope he wasn't wanting to read that particular page!!!

Anyway, I started, as usual with a one inch square, in pale pink this time, I inked the edges in Tattered Rise distress ink, added a torn piece of lace effect patterned paper, a 'girl' word, also cut from Podgy's magazine, and voila, one inchie with a Girl theme. :)

Now I'm off to eat dinner, the bears have roast chicken tonight, cooked by the ever willing (put upon) Wilbear.

With love from the bears.


  1. Beautiful inchie. I am happy you wrote how you made it.

  2. How adorable! Enjoy your roast chicken...
    Alison x

  3. Ooh, roast chicken. That sounds good. I am waiting to gain access to my kitchen, as Rich is having a meeting in there (yes, it is nearly 7 pm - farming is definitely not 9-5!), and then I have a curry to cook. Very hungry! Loving the inchie. I was going to make both this morning (didn't join in last week), but then didn't feel to well, so watched tv instead.

  4. What a lovely pink girly inchie! I love the backgrounds you create.

  5. She looks like she's been up to no good! Perhaps she's been raiding the honeypot? A great 'girl' inchie!

  6. Wow those inchies are really tiny - even by bear's paws standards !! Love the journal page below too ! Great technique for the background ! Ali x

  7. Ahh what a little sweetie! Lovely soft focus too!

  8. I love your little girl. At first I thought it might be a baby picture of you :) Thanks for explaining how you did it. I'm new at this so the ideas are really helpful.

  9. What a lovely inchie, the little girl is so sweet.
    xxx Hazel.


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