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Monday, 7 January 2013

Every Inchie Monday

Hello there, it's Pooh here today to create something, and as usual for the bears, it's something from a challenge blog.

Our lovely blogger friend AJsuggested we try a challenge that she enjoys taking part in. It's called Every Inchie Monday, and as the title suggests, the idea is to make a piece of art each Monday that measures 1" x 1".

First I cut some 1" squares. Goodness, they really are small!!!!

Next, I coloured some of the squares with distress ink

And dabbed the excess off on Podgy's trash magazine.

Next, I inked up a star stamp we received free with our Craft Stamper magazine. I either stained the inchies then stamped the image, or stamped the image and rubbed the stain over the top.

I like the effect of the stamped then stained image, top left on the picture below, best.

These are very simple images for our first challenge but I had fun. We'll look forward to seeing what next week's challenge involves. If you'd like to play along, look Here, there are some great inspiration words to get your creativity flowing.

With love from the bears.


  1. I followed the link from your blog and will be joining in. Never made an Inchie before. Ali x

  2. Very pretty... I agree on the favourite of the inchies, but I also love seeing all the variations gathered together! Glad none of us has burst our seams, and looking forward to another year of ursine creativity!!
    Alison x

  3. Oh dear - another crafty challenge! Thanks for sharing this Bears. As I have absolutely no inspiration to craft on my own your blog provides great pointers for stuff to get involved in! :)

  4. How cute,,,the little bear is so sweet!

  5. Welcome to Every Inchie Monday. What a wonderful idea to show the making off. Your inchies are beautiful.

  6. Thank you for joining in with us! I love your starry inchies.

  7. Great job and on such a small scale! I love star themes too ...

  8. I really like the 'crafty' way you interpreted the theme this week, and am very glad you've joined us. Would you consider also posting your inchie on the Every Inchie Monday Flickr group? It's lovely to see all the interpretations in a row each week!

  9. Ah.. very nice. I hadn't thought of combining inchies in a larger piece, but I think your solution worked very well. I, too, am new to this.

  10. You've created a wonderful array of inchies here, and yes, they are really small!!!!

  11. glad your joining the inchie addiction lol

  12. it was great to see your process! It gets addicting doesn't it???


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