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Monday, 28 January 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Hut

Hello there, I've been busy today preparing my inchie for the fantastic challenge over at the Every Inchie Monday challenge blog. If you'd like to join in you can find a list of inspiration words to the left of their home page.

This is great fun, and really is a challenge, as you have only one inch in which to create your work of art. That really gets the furry cogs whirring.

For this weeks word - hut, I was going to create the symbol for a well known pizza chain, but remembered that the bears had a veritable stash of corrugated card, and changed my mind to a beach hut theme instead.

I used Salty Ocean Distress stain to colour my inchie background.

I then cut a hut shape and a triangular roof from the corrugated card. I cut a little door into the hut, and added some pink card underneath the open door to suggest a bright interior to the beach hut.

For the inchie background I used a miniature stamp we have of a flock of birds to add to the seaside theme. I then tore a little sandpaper, and adhered this to the bottom of the inchie, to represent a sandy beach.

I really enjoyed this week's inchie making, so much so that I then had an inchie frenzy, and made the next 7 week's worth! You'll have to wait to see those though, oh the anticipation!!!!!

With love from the bears.


  1. Wow - seven weeks' worth of inchies - get you! That's what I keep trying to do to get ahead with my DT stuff, but somehow I always get distracted!! Absolutely love your teeny tiny corrugated house, and the sandpaper is so clever... Can't imagine how tiny those birds must be!!
    Alison x

  2. Oh that is lovely! Fab colours ...
    and the birds are great.
    Sue x

  3. I sometimes get a couple of weeks ahead but seven is excellent! I look forward to seeing them. Well done on this one. The textures you've created are very realistic.

  4. I love your hut. It has a warm charm.

  5. Good grief you've been busy! At least you won't have Sunday evening inchie stress now! I thought it was hilarious that we chose the same theme - and I was going to use sandpaper too but we only had bright green! This is lovely though - a truly handmade hut!

  6. love the look of this one! I also design mine weeks ahead but I bead them during the week they are up. I dont know if I could do 7 weeks ahead lol.

  7. You really are a keener! Seven ahead so puts me to shame :) I love the sense of fun, both in your description, and in the actual image.

  8. A fab inchie, and you'have made the next how many weeks. Flip, are you organised or what


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