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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WOYWW - not an awful lot

Hello there lovely bloggers. Our first WOYWW of the year, see Here for our lovely host. so, what have we got to show for it? Sadly little. The bears are STILL feeling sorry for themselves with their bug and post bug malaise. Tsk, once again it falls to me, Horace, to crawl out of the sick bed to post something on the blog.

Well, as it's me who's been brave enough to make the effort, I think it should be one of my journal pages that's showcased today. Here's one I made over the Christmas period, the page says it all really (moan, sigh, etc)!!

In fact, I'm so unwell, I'm now looking blurry

Sympathy welcome

With love from the bears.

PS from Wilbear - this bear is unashamedly trying to elicit your sympathy with his pawly poses, feel free to give him a cyber kick to get him going, as for me, oh my aching paws!!!


  1. Oh you poor thing! How brave of you to crawl out of your sickbed to show us your journal page. And such an apt one too! I hope you feel a lot better very soon!
    Love AJ xx

  2. YO BEARS! Sorry, I didn't mean to shout. Hope you are all feeling better soon. I love the journal page. Happy Wednesday and Happy New Year, too. :o)
    Sue and the smiley Pot x (MiniOwner@68)

  3. Oh Dear - how awful !!! However, I think you gave me to via the computer !!! I am just recovering and have been suffering along with you over the Holidays, so plenty of sympathy coming from here .... sniff... cough, hack !!!


  4. Oooh Yeah... nearly forgot... I think I found some of your distant rellies on my WOYWW posting :-D Gave you a plug too xxxxxxx

  5. Oh you poor bears! It's been a terrible time for illness and I'm sad to hear you've been waylaid by the lurgy. Hopefully you will still have some treats from Christmas to perk you up a little. Wishing you a far happier New Year. Hugs, Jenny #47

  6. Oh dear - have you been imbibing? Or is it a lurgy?
    Whatever, hope you are soon feeling much better and able to enjoy 2013.

    Hugs, Neet (and Spencer bear)

  7. oh poor bears hope you all get better soon best wishes for the new year and hope thing pick up until next week hugs Andrea #'9

  8. I hope you feel better! Not a good way to start out the year...Get well soon,

    Hugs, Robin

  9. Oh poor bears ! Fancy being poorly all over Christmas - I hope your human made you lots of tea & buns to make you feel better ? Great you still found a scrap of energy to journal - hope it made you feel better - very therapeutic isn't it !
    When you are feeling less pawly, will there be a January literary challenge ?
    Life got in the way the past couple of months & I missed out on taking part - but I will pop back hopefully to see if you have a challenge for us !
    Take care & hope you paw-old bears are soon on the mend ! Hugs Ali #121

    1. Oh yes definitely, we have the idea, we just need to get on with it and write it up. Maybe we'll try that tomorrow. It'd be lovely to have you join us,

  10. Happy WOYWW. I haven't been able to take part this week (but may get time tomorrow to add my desks to the list), but still wanted to have a tour around now I am finally in my craft room. Sorry to hear that you are still pawly. There are so many bear infections going around. We watched a programme on BBC yesterday, which showed unusual bear behaviour (didn't feature you lot for some reason??) - they were going in hot tubs and swimming pools. Very cute! Ali x

  11. Ooh Bears! Get well soon now y'hear?! I'm dying to join in this WOYWW thingie - but I need a work desk first don't I?!! Soon - sooooon!!

  12. Poor Horace, Poor Bears. Hope everyone gets better soon. Love the journal page! Hope you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Look forward to your posts in 2013! Vickie #17

  13. Ouch, poor bears...I can sympathise as I am currently off work sick with the flue complete with aches etc. I love the journal page, very expressive! Thank you for sharing. Have a very Happy New Year. Caro #57

  14. Great pages, sorry to hear you are not well. Happy New Year. Francesca #50

  15. You must have been feeling ghastly to have been moved to make a journal page about it, poor bear! Does it make you feel better to know what a fab page it is?!! Take your time to recover, these things have a habit of recurring if you don't get properly over it.

  16. Hope you're all "bearing" up with your nasty bugs! Pretty journal page though, someone was inspired. Hopefully you'll all be back on your paws again soon.

    Brenda 73

  17. Ha ha ha!! Sorry to hear you've been suffering - it's certainly been the season for lingering nastiness, am only just starting to feel myself again as well. Thanks for visiting, Cindy '61

  18. Oh dear! hope you are feeling better soon! As for Willbear's comment - I'm not falling for it - he's obviously just jealous that he didn't think of getting to that computer first!! Chris@70

  19. Love the zingy colours to the journal bears, thanks for the visit, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #41

  20. Oh bears, I do sympathise... I've been feeling so off-colour I didn't even realise it was Wednesday! (And yes, I do realise that I'm actually not leaving this comment on Wednesday, so that's some improvement...). The pages say it all - hope we all get back our vivid colours soon!!
    Alison x


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