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Sunday, 10 March 2013

And the Oscar goes to....

Well, someone other than the bears! But we did get this furtastic award from Gill at Stamping Lemons.

Goodness, this will go right to the already swollen headed Podgy's head! He's walking round practising further speeches for his supposed forthcoming interviews, and there are notepads full of his attempts at a signature, sigh!

Anyway, the remaining bears would like to thank Gill, and now we need to nominate 5 other lovely bloggers who have less than 200 followers to receive the award, or we would, if Podgy hadn't run off with said award and hidden it!!!!

With love from the bears.


  1. more than happy to pass it on to you bears as your blog is my favourite of all time. Oops shouldnt have said that or Podgy's head will explode. I just love the what you all get up to and how clever and crafty you all are. Please dont forget THUTB will you.

    Gill x

  2. Huge Congratultions! Hope you don't fight over it! ;o) xxxxx


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