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Monday, 4 March 2013

March Calendar Page

Well hello there, so nice of you to drop by The House of Bears today. It's your pal Cedric here to show you my March calendar page for the journal 365 challenge hosted by the talented Kate Crane.

Our journal pages inhabit an A4 spiral bound journal, it's big enough to fit the daily journal spots onto without too much of a squeeze. I decided to craft at the kitchen table as Wilbear had already extended it to its full length, in fact he was already there crafting happily away so I thought I'd be kind to the old codger and keep him company!

I surrounded myself with art products, and the journal of course.

I decided on spring colours of yellow and green, and for a change used the water colour crayons.

To start, I made a very un arty looking scribble in the middle of my page

I then wiped said scribble with a bearby wipe to diffuse and spread the colour over the entire page.

I scribbled merrily with the green crayon around the borders of the page

and blended the green into the yellow, again using the bearby wipe technique.

I added a little more yellow

then heat dried my paper.

Wilbear was happy building himself a model airplane

His eyesight is not what it used to be, but he had a handy eye stretching tool to help him.

Anyway, back to me... After drying my page, I selected some distress stain

and used it to ink up the bears new foam stamp which we bought at Stampbearama last weekend.

I then used all my power and might to cut some circles from nestabilities dies, using our veritable stash of 6 x 6 patterned papers.

Here is my spring creation.

While I had the stash out, I made a quick greetings card, this is just patterned paper cut to size and the new foam stamp on top.

I also made two ATCs using the water colour crayons and again the new stamp. The bears have decided that where possible, we will make a card or ATC whenever we are creating a larger project.

With love from the bears.


  1. Hi Cedric, I love your journal page, and the ATCs are really cute! What a lovely foam stamp... though I'm very sad to hear that I missed you at Stampbearama last weekend - If I'd only known to be looking out at knee-height I might have spotted you...
    Alison xx

  2. Fab journal page for March.
    Great idea to make a card or ATC when you have your equipment all out already.
    I try to do that when I do any scrapbooking.

  3. Oh Cedric - that is a really jolly foam stamp and I love your creations :-D I love how you cut all those circles from the different papers. It looks gorgeous. What weight of paper do you use in your spiral book ???! I keep trying to find something here in Greece but haven't been able to so far :-(
    IKE xxx

    1. This particular journal is not a very heavy weight. I usually use Pink Pig journals and have recently invested in the Pink Pig water colour journals, which are 300gsm, compared to their normal 170 gsm. Maybe you can get those over there?

  4. That's a great spring calendar page. Lovely bright colours.

  5. Love your March page bears. Great to see Willbear having fun too. I could do with an eye stretcher, very useful.

    Gill x


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