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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Birthday/Bloggerversary Bonanza

Hello there, well it's the 28th March, which is our very first Bloggerversary, and as promised on Podgy's birthday post, we have our draw for our candy. I had my special birthday trapper hat on for the occasion.

First I paw wrote every entrant's name onto paper, folded those up, and realised I had nowhere to place them. 'Aha' thought I, 'my handy trapper hat would be perfect for this occasion, so I braved the chill and took it off, filling it with the aforementioned paw written names.........

Nicely folded so no nepotism can be suspected!

I then invited an un biased bear to do the draw, enter The Bear Who Changes His Name Depending On His Outfit, AKA Camo today! Last week he insisted on being called Spiderbear!

He had a good rummage around......

Before drawing out the winner.........
(Imagine drum roll)............
Etc ad nauseum!

Congratulations, please send us your details via our contact link on our profile page in order for us to send you your candy.

Thank you to every one for joining in, we had such fun reading all your bear 'facts' that we may just have to do another draw sometime with the same 'rule'.

With love from the bears.


  1. i see the onesie is compulsive clothing in the bears household.
    well done to Gibby

    Gill x

  2. oooh what a lovely surprise - thank you so much Podgy..have just sent you an email.... love to all the bears - thanks again..Gill x ps love your trapper hat - very cool!

  3. Wahahahaha !! LoL Love the Bear draw. :-D
    Many CONGRATS to Gibby
    IKE xxxxxx

  4. yay! Happy Bloggerversary! Congratulations Gibby!

  5. Congrats to Gibby Frogett - and a very happy Bloggerversary to you, Bears, and many happy returns!
    Alison x

  6. Oh well done for arranging a perfect prize draw. And congratulations to Gibby.

  7. So glad you said it was a hat! For a moment I thought Pooh had eaten you!

  8. Fab way to choose the winner
    Well done Gill, so pleased for you x


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