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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WOYWW - a prize post

Hello there from Horace et al on yet another Wednesday,and you know what that means don't you? Another chance to have a sneak peek around the desks of crafters worldwide, courtesy of our host Julia. Click on the link and join in, but be warned, it's rather addictive.

So, what's on the bears' desk of plenty this Wednesday then? Well I'm playing with some super stash we won on Gill's birthday giveaway over at Stamping Lemons. What a wonderful prize it is too, thank you so much, Gill.

Just look at all the lovely patterned papers spread over the desk patiently waiting for me to create a card or 300. Note that Podgy has very kindly allowed me to use his special Ipaw docking station so I can listen to toons as I craft. I have our entire stock of border punches fitting neatly on the table, yes, all 3 of them! We may need to invest in a few more at some stage if Wilbear loosens the credit card strings!

I have the Woodware cutter ready for action of the cutting kind, the corner rounder, good old Mr. Stick of the Pritt variety, the kitchen sink.... Well okay not quite, but it is over the other side of the kitchen so it wasn't the biggest lie I ever told. ;)

We were so excited when the postbear dropped the winning envelope through our door, as you can see, we get our very own bear mail here, we informed the Post Office when we staged our blog coup that they should deliver anything to the bears as a priority, and they obviously know how very important we are, as this seemed to drop through the letter box before we'd even won it (well, almost)!!!

We all gathered on the bears' bed to peruse the contents of the prize package.

After shoving all the other bears off the bed By sheer luck, I was the bear chosen to empty the bag of its booty.

There are at least a squillion buttons in the bag, all in pastel colours, and, serendipitously, the goody bag bought for us by the cub the other week has matching ribbon in it!

I was so excited by our win that I jumped straight up to the desk to create some cards. Here's what I've made already...

This one has 3d elements cut from the patterned paper, they don't show up terribly well on the photo but they look pretty good in real life.

I used some of the yellow buttons for added interest to this card.

For the card below, I utilised a paw made flower that the cub made for us some time ago, it's sat in our stash ever since, but this was the perfect paper to use it on.

Anyway, I just have time for a small stack of sandwiches and a wodge of sausage roll before perusing more desks, in between card making with the new stash of course!

With love from the bears.


  1. Hello Bears,
    I truly think your blog is one of my favourites ever :0) So pleased that you won the prize and all the fabulous photos of your week.
    Gorgeous card designs and Mmmm that sandwich looks very Delicious x
    Have a great week Happy WOYWW Heather #59

  2. What a lovely bag of buttons! Could just reach in and borrow (!) that sandwich!! Have a great week, all of you. Helen, 8

  3. Happy WOYWW! I am not taking part in WOYWW but saw you on the list so jumped at the chance to take a peek at what you are doing! I am green with envy at the prize goodies you got (those pastel buttons are so gorgeous!) The cards are amazing! I love them....and sorry to change the subject but is there any of that sandwich left? I'm hungry ;o) Love from Laura xxxxxxx

  4. Loved looking around your desk bears, the goodies you won loo amazing and loved looking at your cards too. TFS.
    Happy WOYWW.
    hugs {brenda} x0x #90

  5. Hi Bears...thanks for stopping by earlier. You've been busy, loving your cards. Congrats on winning that stash...and thats a mighty tasty looking pile of sandwiches... hope you all have a great day.. Gill x #45

  6. Hi there, thanks for the peek into your creative world this week.I can "bearly" see you in amongst all that lovely pile of paper! I'm sure you will have fun using it. Loving all the cards too, you paws must be tired from all that busyness.
    Neil #23

  7. Glad postbear delivered them safely to you and wow you bears do get going fast dont you, so pleased you liked them. The cards look lovely especially the one with yellow buttons, a good idea that.

    have a good week

    Gill x

  8. Tee Hee - your bear in deelly boppers, ready to tuck in to a stack of yummies made me smile...

    Happy WOYWW

    MA (1)

  9. congrats on your win what a lovely lot of crafting stash and you have made some great cards using the goodies
    Have a great WOYWW thank you for sharing your workspace today
    Ria #39

  10. Ooooh lots of lovely stash you lucky, lucky bears. #bearsindeelyboppers should be trending worldwide! Have a happy WOYWW MM x #99

  11. Your post had me smiling! Congrats on the win, and the fun Bears just made my day! Your cards are so pretty. The bears are lucky to have such yummy food too! Enjoy the day! Winnie#78

  12. How cute is the bear with buttons?? hehe is he related to Corduroy?

  13. Oh wow, that is some stash from Gill isn’t it and you certainly didn’t waste any time playing with it either. That’s a lovely selection of cards.
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @86

  14. Great prize and love the deely boppers. Thanks for visiting me this week BJ #69

  15. Congrats on your awesome win, bears!

    Love all the cards you created! And the sandwiches made me hungry looking at them...

    Enjoy your WW (didn't find the time to join in myself today)!!!

    die amelie x

  16. Hi Bears, great wins on your desk, and the very pretty cards you all made.
    Happy WOYWW
    Krisha #126

  17. Thanks for the visit to my desk already...my goodness me, what a lovely prize you got there. Aren't you just the luckiest bear?

  18. Congratulations on your win!! There are some fantastic goodies there just ready to get crafty!!

    Thanks for coming by the Playhouse earlier! I hope you have a wonderful couple of weeks until I see you again! Darnell #50

  19. I can see all that crafting has given you an appetite! Is that sandwich stack just for you or for all the bears to share? Lovely cards and well done on the winnings.

    Brenda 104

  20. Congratulation on your prize win bears! Looks like you had a lot of fun playing with your goodies!

    Lauren x

  21. Lovely papers and buttons there
    Have fun
    Rosie x

  22. Well done! Great prize. And I love your preparations for a card or 300!

  23. Ohh you Lucky Bears! What a lovely lot of stashy stuff to play with. Great cards you've made there too!

  24. Now be nice Horace and let the other bears get a paw on some of the winnings. Yum, lunch looks inviting. Happy WOYWW! Nan #3

  25. well done fab prize great papers love the colours and so many buttons you can never have enough ! love the creations and as always made me LOL that is an big sandwich for a small bear you must be working hard !! love to all the bears and belated wishes for a happy woyww Andrea#14

  26. Wow you won a prize hai great is that!
    Those buttons look fab as do your sandwiches !!!!!
    Thanks for your visit
    Jackie 10

  27. Hi Horace Spencer bear here. How lucky you are to receive your own mail (I don't, never had any) and what fabulous mail this turned out to be. Love your cards, what clever bears you are, but I think you are a bit bigger than me. I am only a tiny bear, but a well travelled one. I get taken all over the world and am a veteran at American travel now.
    Gosh, do you really use all that equipment, I'd get stuck up with the Pritt stick and the corner rounder ... well.
    Thanks for the visit earlier, just got back from my little trip to the seaside, I was a bit scared at two of the attractions we went to so I stayed inside my carrier and never even peeked.
    Love your deely boppers by the way.
    Luv, Spencer

    1. Hello Spencer, we have some tiny bears here too but their legs are too short for them to reach the desk and we worry they'd fall in the Mod Podgy if they tried to create anything!

  28. Lucky bears what a fabulous parcel you received. Gorgeous cards as well. Sorry I'm late visiting! Annex @65

  29. I love visiting the house of bears, never fails to make me smile.
    Aren't you lucky with a great prize delivery, and you worked so fast to make such lovely cards. No wonder you were hungry!
    Thanks for visiting me.
    I'm late visiting for WOYWW as was offline yesterday,
    Have a good week

  30. Congrats on your prize. You've already put it to good use. :-)
    April #145


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