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Friday, 15 March 2013

Birthday Bear Blog Candy

Hello there from Podgy, I'm blogging on my birthday and wearing my best birthday suit for the occasion.

The bears are busy with last minute birthday planning

Horace was wrapping presents earlier, but the Sellotape kept sticking to his fur, ouch!

I've been extremely spoil with presents.

Oooh this one is squidgy....

Rip, tear etc.

Oh my, the bears have bought me another birthday suit, although I'm not sure what was wrong with the one I was wearing!

Anyway, I promised birthday candy, so here it is. Some textured A5 cardstock, a wood file album to decorate yourself, a cute kitty Cuttlebug die, some Smash labels, a paw made ATC and a couple of small snacks in case you get peckish!!!!!!

To be in with a chance of winning this eclectic mix of goodies, you do not have to become a follower of our blog, as we would prefer people to join just because they enjoy our mad antics, but there is a BIG rule:

To enter, leave a comment below, BUT in order to be eligible for the draw, your comment MUST include a fact about bears. To make it more interesting, this fact can be real or made up, in fact, the wackier the better! If you don't wish to be included in the draw but would like to comment anyway, that's fine, and lovely, but if you would like a draw entry then please write your interesting fact below.

The draw will take place on our bloggerversary, which is March 28, so plenty of time to come up with your bear fact.

I'm off to eat birthday goodies and parade in my super new onesie, they're all the rage you know.


With love from the bears.


  1. Oh, Jolly spiffing PJs Podgy :-) I am here wishing you a very Happy BearBirth Day xxxxx
    and here's my interesting fact about Bears....
    Polar Bears have been known to have tantrums. Experts have observed frustrated polar bears throwing chunks of ice, kicking piles of snow or growling in disappointment after losing prey they’ve been trying to catch.
    So - even the big boys can throw a 'hissy fit' hahahaha LoL
    Have a splendiforous day and thank you for the chance to win some candy :-)
    IKE xxxxx

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PODGY we hope you are having a really lovely birthday and we loved your birthday present, you looked very handsome in your new suit... when I say 'we' - normally I am the blogger but I showed one of my friends in particular your post and he has made me promise to look out for your posts in future for him to see. His name is Tedlitz Pinkerton Bear but call him just Ted unless he has been a bit naughty. One of the interesting facts that I know about bears is that drinking pink strawberry milkshake makes them temporarily invisible, making it possible to get up to even more mischief than normal, like raiding the drinks cabinet and having midnight feasts without being seen...
    Hope you had lots of scrumptious birthday cake and nosh... Gill x

  3. Happy Birthday Podgy! I love your birthday suit.

    Thank you for visiting my Czech dolls house blog. I am very sad to report that my fact about bears is that butterfly (yes indeed the one you know!) won't let me use the bungalow I had in mind for my steadily growing mini-bear family. She says I had always intended it as a colonial-style bungalow (which is true) and that bears wouldn't be living in it.

    So my bear family is off to the mini-estate agents to see which other property they would like to inhabit.....I think they will be able to find something suitable. There is hardly a shortage of properties in Small Worlds :-)

    1. In my defence... I'm sure if you saw the bungalow you would agree that it is perfect for an "I had a faaahhhmm in Aaahhfricaahh" house and I really don't think the bears would enjoy the climate. I think we should be finding the bear family a far more appropriate des res near good forests, salmon fishing or - in your case of course, bamboo fields...
      Alison xx

  4. Happy Birthday, Podgy. Your new onesie is very fetching. I love to wear mine - they are so cosy. My little-known bear fact is that unlike most mammals, they can see in colour (very useful for papercrafting!). They also have special paws that can hold scissors and attempt to cut sellotape. Ali x

  5. A very happy birthday to you, Podgy - I think both birthday suits are beautiful. I think I'd find your wrapping paper very hard to cope with - I'm getting smarties cravings just looking at the photos!! No need to put me in the hat - you don't want to get stuck with postage charges to CZ... Oh, and I've replied to Cestina's scurrilous attack on me above - how dare she imply I've got anything against bears?!
    Alison xx

  6. Happy Birthday Podgy!!! My bear fact isn't that interesting but it is useful. Bears can run 40 miles per hour, which is the same as a horse!

  7. Did you know it was orginally thought by scientists that pandas lived mostly on a bamboo diet, but after much study they have concluded that theyalso love chocolate milk and snickerdoodle cookies even mre? Happy birthday and I hope to win your goodie bag.

  8. Happy Birthday Podgy!! According to my bear Snowy, who is a very old & wise bear (33 & flat as a pancake)small polar bears are the best behaved of all bears & like peanut butter & marshmellow sticky biscuits, even if it does get stuck in their fur.
    C xx

  9. Happy Birthday Podgy,

    Did you know that a mother black bear can give birth to 2 or 3 cubs during her sleep. Oh and fact bears do sh.t in the woods LOL

    Eliza XOXO

    sorry couldn't help myself on the last fact

  10. Happy Birthday Podgy
    Did you know that bears love bears like we love bears. It is true we as children take our bear to bed with us as night and cuddle up with them. Well bears take bears to bed to cuddle up to as well, it's true!

  11. Happy Birthday Podgy,
    Its true that Pooh Bear goes to his thoughtful spot to think
    and did get stuck in rabbits door because he ate too much honey!
    Also that Paddington ate all the marmalade sandwiches and never got stuck in rabbits door.
    So I guess it must be true that Paddington had a faster beartabolism than Pooh?
    Heather x

  12. Ooooh, almost missed your bearthday, Podgy!

    Thanks for reminding!
    Did you know that bears are unable to darn their socks themselves because they cannot wear thimbles? Luckily there are a lot of bear-caring humans who do that job for them.

    Well, maybe you ask yourselves now if bears wear socks at all - one would think their paws and feet were warm enough because of their fur. But fact is, that three out of ten bears on average tend to have weak circulation - so their extrimities are often cold! Poor bears - who would have thought that!

    I hope you house-bears are all well, warm and comfy! If not, I will write to Dr. House so he will look after you.


    die amelie x

  13. Oh, I forgot (I was so riveted by the freezing bears facts): HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PODGY!!!!

    BIG HUG,
    die amelie xxx

  14. Happy Birthday Podgy !!!
    My fave is the Prizzly Bear or Grolar bear. Some Polar bear got Frisky with a Grizzly Bear, and had a baby too kewl.
    Hugs Nikki

  15. How did I miss your birthday? A belated happy birthday wish. I love the Smarties wrapping paper. That's almost as good as an extra present for a crafty bear like you.

  16. Just beecause I wanted to look up some bear facts - so here they are:-
    The polar bear is the largest living land carnivore.
    They have non-retractable claws which act like ice-picks, and the soles of their feet act like suction cups so the polar bear can easily walk on ice.
    I love polar bears. BJ

  17. Hi Bears,
    I hope your birthday was a brilliant one. You look so smart in your onesie and i bet it makes you craft even better too.
    I have two facts for you.

    1. A polar bear’s stomach can hold 150 lbs. (68 kg) of meat but i reckon a podgy's can hold more than that when the crafting/snacking urge comes over him.

    2. bears are the only mammals who can write an almost daily blog and stamp designs using their butts all because of them being so clever.

    Love the blog bears, have a good week

    Gill x

  18. Happy Birthday! As I've already said - Awesome onesie!! :)

    My bear fact is about Onxby, the best name a bear can have!

    Onxby the first was my grandfathers bear. He had a honker in his tummy and the family called him Honky but my Gramps was still learning to talk and couldn't say Honky. His best effort was Onxby, and so the name was born.
    Onxby the second lives with my uncle, I have Onxby the third here living with me and Onxby the fourth lives with my cousin.

    Hopefully as our family grows more Onxby's will come to live with us and maybe one day Onxby will be a common name for bears!!

  19. Hope I am in time to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I don't know any bear facts but there is one very little known birthday rule - That you must always eat your own weight in birthday cake, and if you don't like cake you can substitute it for chocolate! Have lots of fun! Lots of love from Laura xxxxxx


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