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Friday, 29 March 2013

The April Calendar Page

Hello there, Horace here with you again today, I've sneaked up to craft on the desk while Podgy has a snooze, he seems to think he is the main blogger now, what with his fame, and all his product endorsements. I think it may all be going slightly to his podgy little head, but what can we do? He won't listen to our warnings about the higher you climb.....

Anyway, enough about the swelled headed bear. I'm here today to show you the bears' April calendar page for the journal every day challenge, hosted by the very talented Kate Crane at The Kathryn Wheel. As you know we do love our challenges, and the great thing with this idea is, you get to look back in subsequent years and know exactly what you were up to each day. Although the bears' journal pages so far are alarmingly similar 'ate chocolate, ate biscuits, slept, ate dinner, crafted.....'

For April, i considered journalling in the form of raindrops as I'd seen a very pretty page made by our cub this way, but my pawdrawing is so appalling that even a raindrop would end up looking like a poor excuse for a scribbly splat. Instead I perused the bears' dies, to see if we had anything that could be used as journal frames, and came up with a Cuttlebug butterfly die, i cut 31 one of these, in matching patterned paper

After much die cutting, and a very achy arm, I placed the flutterbyes onto my page. I adhered them with a small amount of repositionable Herma, to ensure there was no movement as I misted.

Then watered and misted directly over them with Tattered Angels mists in pink and blue.

I dried my page like so

Then, with the flutterbyes still in place, I stamped a flower stamp directly over them, and the misted pages.

I then began carefully removing the flutterbyes, rubbing away any Herma residue.

Oh look, a blank journalling spot!

Now, what will I do with 31 misted flutterbyes?

I think I'll use one at the top of my page.

I've since gone over my April letters with a white journalling pen, as I didn't think they were obvious enough, but my camera has decided to die, so I can't show you that effect!

With love from the bears.


  1. Oh how lovely :-) Those are gorgeous pages. Are you going to writing in them in your best paw-writing then ?? That's a smashing idea if that is what will happen. And you've got all those lovely mister flutterbyes - brilliant !!
    Hope you will be getting some chocco eggs for your Easter ?
    IKE xxxxxxxx

    1. ooops - sorry... I meant 'misted' LoL

    2. Yes we number the journal spots 1-31 and write in each day what we've done, it's great fun journalling our chocolate exploits so far. Oh, and we're hoping the Easter bear brings us some chocolates. :)

  2. Nothing short of brilliant, Horace - so glad you seized the moment! I absolutely love your masked butterfly days, and I'm sure you'll think of lots more ways to use those beautifully misted leftovers...
    Alison x

  3. That's so pretty. The colours are lovely too. I think that's my favourite so far.

  4. Lovely calendar/diary pages.
    Love your stamping technique!
    Thanks for your lovely visits to my blog. I am pleased you liked the Billie Bear cards. I thought of you when making them.

  5. Oh that is stunning. what a good idea to have empty spaces instead of shapes to journal in.
    I really want to have a go at this challenge myself but life keeps distracting me.

    Gill x


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