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Monday, 25 March 2013

Every Inchie Monday

Hello there inchie peeps, It's the Podgster here today to show you my miniature art for the Every Inchie Monday challenge. This week the theme is Map.

My inchie is easy peasy simple pimple this week. In the bears' stash we had a postcard sent from a holidaying friend, which we cut into random inch squares

I looked through our word stash, and found explore, only I ripped the bottom of the P off, and when I tried to rewrite it my fat paws made a smudge! Pah. Oh well, I shall just pretend I wanted to emphasise that letter.

Have you seen our birthday/bloggerversary giveaway? Details can be found righthere.

Also, have you seen our Just for fun literary based challenge? There's still time to enter (just). Press your paw into this word to find out more.

With love from the bears.


  1. I love your choice of background map. It looks a bit like the 100 Aker Wood!

  2. A great way of using up a postcard that had a map on it. I think the smudged P looks right at home on this piece

  3. Wonderful ideas

    Lovely Chrissie xx

  4. I like the smudged P. Cute idea!

  5. Uh huh... emphasising the P for Podgy, eh?! Love your tiny maps!
    Alison x

  6. what a clever idea to use a postcard cut up like that. You bears must have a huge stash of useful items.

  7. what a great idea, love the explore part great job!

  8. What a fun inchie! The background is just perfect!

  9. Hello Podgster, you've just discovered one of the principles of design - a mistake is a design opportunity. It's a nice inchie!

  10. Hi Podgy its me again. Ive finally decided to take part in this challenge and i can see why you enjoy doing it now.

    Gill x

  11. Brilliant maps, brilliant inchies.


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