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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

WOYWW - Paint chip art

Hello there from the ever pyjama clad Horace, here today to join in with our favourite blog hop WOYWW, hosted by the fab Julia over at Stamping Ground. Do go and take a look and find out all about this addictive crafty phenomenon. So, here I am, a long shot of me, busy at the desk, creating. It's all looking disgustingly neat isn't it?

Today I'm attempting an idea in one of our Craft Stamper magazines, to make bookmarks from paint chips.

Here's the original idea, how lovely.

With my small hoard (!!!!!) of paint chips procured by Podgy -I think he told them he was a famous blogger and they heaped gifts upon his person - I set to work. Oh look, you can see my deely bopper shadow in this pic.

Oh, do you like my kitchen roll? I do like to surround myself with fun essentials, it cheers my tortured artistic soul somewhat.

So, back to the paint chips, I stamped a flutterby (as Pooh calls them, and he is the font of all knowledge) directly onto the paint chip, using purple stazon.

I then stamped the image again onto white card, and cut it out, to use as a mask. I placed this on top of the stamped image...

and used various other flourish stamps, again stamping directly onto the paint chip, although, can it still be called stamping with this method? Or is it sitting? I sitted just doesn't have the same ring to it!!

I stamped another two paint chips, then cut them so they were a little more bookmark sized.

I glued the decorated paint chips to coordinating card, and here are some I made earlier.

I'm not sure if I'll use these as bookmark gifts, or as card toppers, a lot of our friends now have Kindles, so have no use for good old fashioned bookmarks. Still, these were a fun and quick make, and if you're stuck for a present for a friend.....

Before I say goodbye, Wilbear says I must tell you, details of our March literary based challenge can be found right here. Please do take a look and consider joining in with us. We love to craft with friends.

Goodness, I nearly forgot, please do enter Podgy's birthday/our bloggerversary candy draw Here. You have until 28th March to enter.

With love from the bears.


  1. What an impressively tidy desk Horace and I think the paint chip bookmarks are a great idea. And executed with typical bearlike panache!

    A Happy Easter from a snowy Czech Republic -my bears are off to househunt in the museum now

  2. That's a great idea for bookmarks, Horace! I wish I'd seen this before the time when I worked in my local hoe decor shop and had access to hundreds of paint chips. I'll just have to make a special trip to get some so that I can have a go! Thanks for the inspiration:) Lucy #37 x

  3. Yay... you're a sixer... Well, I'd've visited you anyway, obviously! What a great idea those bookmarks are, and they're beautifully done, Horace! I've missed a few weeks, but happy to be back (and this time with my mother in tow although I see she's made it here before me!)... Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  4. Oh, and just a quick PS to say my Challenge project is made... hope to post later tonight or first thing tomorrow, time permitting!!
    Alison xx

    1. Well you've done better than us then. All we have is a quote, isn't that terrible when it's our own challenge. *bears hang their furry heads in shame*

  5. PPS... meant to say - your decorated Moppe looks great on the wall. Okay, leaving you in peace now...

  6. Love your creations this week, they look fabulous x
    have a Beary Happy Easter :0) WOYWW heather #86

  7. Oh my Horace you've been so busy tidying you didn't have time to get out of your PJs! Fab bookmarks! Thank you for visiting my blog earlier. Happy Wedenesday, :o)
    Sue x (Miniowner@29)

  8. Hey what a super idea and what great bookmarks you have made. BJ#67

  9. I LOVE your bookmarks. I have an e-reader but I still love bookmarks. I have a collection of them that I keep in a vase on top of my bookcase (because I still love books too.)

    What a great idea. I shall have to go to the DIY shop and find myself some sample strips.

  10. What a great idea, love those bookmarks. Happy WOYWW, and Happy Easter.
    Carol.x #106

  11. Awesome bookmarks, Horace!

    And of course I love your kitchen roll! You are so right upon us artists always walking that thin line between melancholy and deep depression - eating cookies helps too (which I found out by experimenting on myself).

    Have a wonderful WW!!!
    Give a hug to all of the bears!

    die amelie x

  12. Lovely - glad I tracked you down from the WOYWW list as your link in your comment on MY blog went to a Wordpress site with only one post. Now, I knew that wasn't right cause I visit you from UKS often.

    Did you abandon Wordpress or are you just considering a move to it? :)

    Mary Anne (5)

    1. I think I signed up when having a hissy fit with Blogger, then Blogger behaved and I forgave it ;)

  13. hmmm...maybe I should try sitting on my stamps, although it would look quite as cute as when you do it! lol Thanks for visiting my desk today, waving hi from the hills of North carolina ♥

  14. Happy WOYWW Horace, love your paint chip idea and lovely book marks. Have to ask - who is that top left in first photo and are they doing acrobatics or something? - looks a bit painful!
    Have a great weekend and Happy Easter - hope you get lots of lovely choccie eggs.. Gill x #75

    1. That's our Namjo, specially made for us for our last birthday. He likes to sit and survey our crafts as he has no paws to craft for himself, he has wings instead. We'll try to remember to take a close up of him for next week.

  15. Love your paint sample tag. Great take on the craft stamper article. Carol #95

  16. I have never attempted to use paintchips, you seem to be doing very well with them
    Bridget #46 Happy Easter

  17. Love those bookmarks, I think I will do some of those! I love real books, can't beat holding a proper book in your hands, and turning real pages. Hate those kindle things, I really do. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #144xx

  18. Hello Horace! I love the tidy desk and those paint chip bookmarks are fab. I saw that article too and having seen yours I really must have a go. I also wanted to reassure the bears that after the horror show last week Pooh is fully recovered and now re-installed happily in Alex's bed where he is recieving lots of love and cuddles. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x #73

  19. They look lovely. Isn't it a shame that proper books and so bookmarks are going out of fashion?
    Happy Wednesday

  20. Wow Horace your bookmarks look brilliant. I am very impressed with your tidy desk. Thanks for visiting me
    Amanda @76 X

  21. oh my word just look at those lovely bookmarks and all stamped on paint colour samples, amazing. I love what you have done with these
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter and a great day today

  22. Love all your book marks, Horace! Hope you and all the other bears have a happy Easter. Helen, 12

  23. Hi Bears - these book marks look great ! Really fun ! Maybe some with foodie stamps would make a good way to mark favourite recipes in recipe books - or do people do all that on line too these days !! Thanks for visiting ! Have a Happy Easter Ali #159

  24. you wonderful bears never cease to amaze me, what a brilliant idea to use those paint swatches for bookmarks. I love the yellow one is particular, its so striking.
    Good job bears

    have a good week
    Gill x 57

  25. a Beary good idea if I may say so!! give me a book over a kindle any day of the week.

    happy woyww

    frankiesue #26

  26. Hi Horace - great bookmarks and super cool jammies too. Have a beary happy Easter. MMx #141

  27. Cool idea Horace! 'Butt-stamped' - now there's a new craft word for you. :) off to check out the bears literary challenge. Happy Easter and Happy WOYWW! Nan #115

  28. I like disgustingly tidy sometimes Horace, helps with the thought processes I find. I also like pajama days too, wish I could wear them to work! Love the book marks, I have loads of paint chips from the last time we decorated the house.

    Brenda 112

  29. Cute idea to use the paint chips! Barb #108

  30. Love the bookmarks, well done
    janet #16

  31. Belated woyww wishes and as always what clever bear love those paint chip bookmarks the stamps are ace especially the butterflies and flourishes as always a great post and such talent hope you all have a fab Easter and not to much chocolate is consumed ..is that possible ! hugs Andrea #64 got to dash fit a few more visits before work !

  32. ah well lovely crafty space with so much to share, thank you dear bear.. and card toppers mm yes but give me good real book any day!!

    .... .happy very belated WOYWW or maybe early for tomorrow, Shaz in oz.x #14


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